A package full of special effects

Published 27 March 2018
Routa Premium is a new, exclusive rum brand from Finland, with a special packaging manufactured by Starcke Oy.
The box is totally unprinted – its brilliant graphics are entirely achieved with black and silver hot-foil stamping on the snow-white surface of the board material, Ensocoat by Stora Enso. The smoothness, whiteness and brightness of Ensocoat provide an ideal surface for foil stamping and the design that plays with the contrast of silver, black and white.

The package also features a seal for tamper evidence and a bottom structure that enables embedded intelligent technology for efficient stock keeping, logistics and brand protection. Together with the detailed foil finishing, these features make the package extremely hard to counterfeit, thus a suitable packaging solution for the most exclusive brands. Routa Premium is bottled by Tornio Distillery, from Finnish Lapland.

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