Innovative end-uses for wood fibre

Published 26 March 2018
New acoustics solutions using modified chemical pulp bring benefits in sound and comfort.
Lumir is a Finnish company that develops new bio-based acoustic solutions suitable for any space such as schools, nursery schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants and cultural institutions that need better acoustics, reduced reverberation and improved comfort.

Lumir’s patented sound absorbing solutions with different surface options can be used both in public and private spaces, in ceilings, as well as on the walls.

“Construction companies, architects, cities, and project consultants are our biggest customers. Our objective is to develop and innovate new acoustics solutions that are safe, easy to implement and fit our customers’ requirements. Two years ago, we started developing our new acoustics solution using modified chemical pulp in a strong collaboration with Stora Enso, and our customers are very happy with the results,” says Tuomas Hänninen, Product Director at Lumir.

“Our renewable materials, fibre know-how and collaboration have enabled Lumir to innovate solutions based on wood fibre in such significant buildings as the recently renovated Parliament House in Helsinki, where there is over 3 000 m2 of acoustic surface. This is an excellent example of how we discover new products by working closely with our customer,” says Sirpa Välimaa from the Biomaterials division’s sales and marketing team.

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