Making the most out of wood

Published 21 June 2018
​Less transportation to the construction site, more space in the apartment and less waste. In addition to significant carbon storage, wooden construction offers other significant benefits.
Stora Enso is the wood material supplier to the Lighthouse Joensuu building. The 14-storey building is the tallest wooden house in Finland creating a significant carbon storage in the middle of city of Joensuu. Actually, the amount of carbon dioxide stored to wood constructions of the house equals to one year carbon dioxide emissions of 700 Finnish passenger cars.

Wooden construction offers also other carbon emissions saving opportunities: the lightweight material requires less site transportations as more elements can be brought with one truck. It is estimated that all wooden building material for the Joensuu house fits in less than 50 trucks. If the house would have been built with concrete, the amount of the full truck loads had been around 270.

In Lighthouse Joensuu, the main part of the massive wooden elements provided by Stora Enso are made from laminated veneer lumber (LVL) produced at Stora Enso’s mill in Varkaus, Finland. LVL will be used for wall structures, whereas the floors will be made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) produced in Austria.

LVL material is light but strong. The thin material selected for the wall elements is LVL X grade, providing the highest possible strength for the material. This enables the constructor to offer coming residents more square metres to live in without giving away the structural stability or other constructional aspects.

In addition to the spacious apartment, the new residents can enjoy the city-views from their French balconies. LVL elements will be delivered to the site with the ready-made hole for the balcony doors. The wood cut out from these holes is then used in the floor elements in the staircases – this is a great way to minimize the waste.

Sustainable showcase room at SuomiAreena

Wood is the main construction material for Stora Enso pavilion built in Pori for SuomiAreena – a week long societal discussion event organised 16. to 20. July. Architect Marco Casagrande, is designing the Stora Enso pavilion for the event from CLT and LVL elements.

Stora Enso wooden pavilion  

The massive wooden walls will have nice round windows to enable a lot of daylight inside the pavilion. The round pieces cut out from the windows will make perfect tables to the pavilion. Around them, there’s a great momentum to create new ideas for renewable and sustainable future.

The pavilion is yet another showcase of benefits of wooden construction: the speed. It will only take one day to construct the pavilion at Pori Market Square from prefabricated panels.

And also this building will create a carbon storage: The carbon stored in this building is some 25 tonnes and it will remain there during the week but also long after that. The pavilion will get its next life in FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld 2019.