Aiming at future with 100% bio-based resin

Published 15 February 2019
Rolkem is a producer of phenolic resin for plywood application, with another core business in the impregnation of technical papers. Since late 2015, Rolkem has used renewable lignin from Stora Enso to replace fossil-based chemicals in its phenolic resin production.

“Stora Enso provides industrial lignin that can be adapted to Rolkem’s needs, so the partnership has been a perfect fit for us,” says Patrick Palos, General Manager at Rolkem. “Lignin allows us to reduce the use of fossil-based materials and chemicals in our production. Renewable products such as lignin are also linked to sustainable commercial development. For example, it is important that our customers see that we are able to develop new products.”

The collaboration is an interesting exchange between two companies of very different sizes. “Rolkem’s small size brings reactivity into the relationship while Stora Enso can provide excellent support with, for example, research and development activities,” says Palos. “Perhaps, in the future, we can work together to develop a 100% bio-based resin for plywood bonding or paper impregnation.”

Lineo™ by Stora Enso, Stora Enso’s commercial lignin offering, can be tailored to any customer’s specific needs. Lineo was awarded ‘Bio-Based Product of the Year’, ‘Best Product Innovation’ and ‘Innovative Product’ in 2018.

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