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Stora Enso and Southern Cross Packaging are together supporting frozen food company COOK in the UK to reach their target of switching from plastic packaging to paperboard by 2020. COOK is a B Corporation, meaning they are committed to reinventing their business as a force for good in society driving long-term, sustainable and profitable growth.

“We started with highly successful launch of our new range of pies and followed on last year with our Kids Meals. The new trays have been a huge success and we have received lots of positive comments on social media”, says Sarah Canning, Category Manager at COOK. “It’s fantastic to focus on kids first and see such a big impact. This year we are planning to switch our one and two-portion trays for adult meals from plastic to board, so that means a large volume.”

Renewable energy, renewable raw material

COOK uses 100% renewable energy, and switching to board trays means that also their packaging will be renewable – made of trees. A small amount of PET coating on the board ensures that meals are well preserved in the freezer and can be heated in microwave or conventional ovens. The trays are manufactured by Southern Cross Packaging from Trayforma PET by Stora Enso.

Companies involved in the food chain can together make a big impact on the society by providing sustainable products and packaging that helps to minimize food waste. “It is very inspiring to work with such an innovative and ethical company as COOK. As a manufacturer of board trays, we are part of a network of businesses who want to do the right thing”, says Sales Manager Karin Edwards from Southern Cross Packaging.

“When we compare different packaging materials from environmental perspective, we always come back to board”, says Richard Pike, Technical and Sustainability Director at COOK. “It is important for us to know how the board is produced, that it is based on sustainable forestry and environmentally sound and energy-efficient production process. Partnerships along the whole value chain are becoming essential to make truly sustainable choices and also ensure that the packaging is fit for purpose. Increasing transparency and supporting each other will help businesses achieve their goals and make sure the package tells the same story as its content.”

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Trayforma by Stora Enso is a food-grade material for ready-meal packaging specially designed for pressed or folded trays, bowls and plates as well as multi-compartment trays and lids.