Trend insights on the power of print

Published 26 March 2019
High-quality print is still proving its enduring power as a component of integrated campaigns and premium brand catalogues. In the digital age it is apparent that print has a lesser status than its glory days as the world’s ‘greatest’ media. Yet, people are still reading print media, as it has not lost its power to connect and engage.

Print publications still remain in the hands and minds of the reader longer than their digital versions. They build up longevity in relationships and are proven to be well suited for high-level marketing aims such as establishing brand awareness and act as a core element for establishing brand worthiness within a larger campaign.

Even the biggest digital brands are using print from time to time as their audience doesn’t expect to see them there. Print is seen as a more serious or official medium – even to make public apologies – offering a unique opportunity to grab attention. Even their online catalogues are being sent out as traditional print.

In the age of ‘fake news’ easily spread all over the internet, print is also being seen as delivering more trust and credibility. The cheap and easy way to replicate online messages versus the more controlled and longer checking phase of traditional print seems to validate this point. There is also the increasing cost of online media and decreasing cost and high impact of print media. This signifies a bit of a comeback for print, especially in the high-end publication and high quality areas of print advertising.

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