World Book Day celebrates the joy of reading

Published 18 April 2019
World Book Day turns the spotlight on reading on 23 April. It is an annual event organized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and celebrated at bookstores, libraries, schools and other events in over 100 countries over the world. In Germany, World Book Day includes a charity mission to give every school child on the 4th and 5th class a book of their own. Stora Enso joins the charity together with paper merchant Igepa and publisher Random House: the cover of the book is printed on our carton board, Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso.

Stora Enso’s study about the future of books (2017) showed that a printed book holds on its position very well in certain categories. When it comes to books that are objects of beauty, contemplation or gift, they will remain in printed form with hard covers. Paperbacks maintain their role as affordable and fast reading, especially during holidays or commuting. Also young people want to read printed books. Reading a book with a child is found not only to be educational but to provide an emotional experience.

Free book 2019

The World Book Day aims to bring the joy of reading to children, to inspire them with exciting stories and to strengthen their reading skills. The German charity mission is organised so that schools order vouchers which their pupils can use to pick up the book from a bookstore. This year the book is an exciting fantasy novel ‘Der geheime Kontinent’ (‘The Secret Continent’) by the famous author THiLO. The project is run by Stiftung Lesen.

The reading experience starts from the cover. Performa Brilliance is available in 180–395 gsm basis weight and has the right visual appearance, printability and runnability to meet book publishers’ and printers’ demands for cover material. Its top side features a triple coating in a silk finish, which gives good results in complex multi-colour printing, and the reverse side is also suitable for full-colour printing. Another great material option for covers is our solid bleached sulphate board Ensocoat, which excels in two crucial functionality areas – reverse side print result and craftability. A cover made of high-quality paperboard not only looks great but also feels good to touch and lasts long in use.