Gable-top carton stands out as an innovative packaging for dry food

Published 11 June 2019
A leading Italian flour producer, Molino Rossetto, is collecting awards for its innovative paperboard packaging. The key to their success is a specially designed, renewable and recyclable gable-top carton, which differentiates the brand effectively and adds value to consumers in everyday use. The solution is a great example of creative use of liquid packaging board produced by Stora Enso now for dry food packaging.

Molino Rossetto is the first company in Italy to introduce a gable-top carton with a cap closure for flour packaging, which brought them the ADI Packaging Design Award and the DolciSalati & Consumi Award for the “Best Packaging” earlier this year. The awards are granted to Italian products that combine packaging with innovation and design quality in the best way. The redesigned gable-top carton called V-Pack stood out as an innovative and sustainable packaging solution for dry food, which adds value to the entire product category.

"We are proud to be the first flour producer to introduce such an innovative packaging solution based on the design and filling expertise by Italpack and Galdi and the renewable material from Stora Enso. We selected this carton as it is perfectly in line with current trends that emphasize the environment and nature, but at the same it looks innovative and is very practical for consumers to use,” says Chiara Rossetto, Managing Director of Molino Rossetto.

Flour packed in gable top cartons

Designed for effective brand communication

V-Pack has been developed by Italpack Cartons in cooperation with filling machine supplier Galdi. It is made of the renewable Natura™ by Stora Enso board with PE coating on both sides to keep the content safe and dry. Thanks to easy opening and closing as well as a four-level quantity indicator, the carton is practical to use in the kitchen while keeping the flour well protected. After use it can be easily disposed in the carton recycling stream.

“Gable-top cartons are typically used in liquid packaging, but now this package type is gaining ground in new applications. V-Pack provides high communication potential and stands out on the shelf with its unique shape and customized front panel window. The total solution can be replicated for other dry food brands who want to differentiate their products and enhance their brand image and consumer experience,” says Fabio Gala, Commercial Director at Italpack.

Natura is the best-seller in liquid packaging board and delivers the best in product protection, food safety and taste neutrality as well as printing, converting and filling performance. This makes it ideal for packaging sensitive products, keeping them fresh and untainted over their entire lifetime.

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Milk carton on a kitchen table

Natura is a sustainable choice for sensitive contents

When combined with the right barrier, Natura serves a wide array of renewable packaging applications such as dairy products, milk, juice, soups, spices and yoghurt packaging.