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Published 30 August 2019
Koenig & Bauer has been in the print business a long time. Founded in 1817, this German powerhouse is the oldest active printing press manufacturer in the world. Still, in this day and age, you can’t rely on history alone. We chatted with Sebastian Stange, Head of Process Technology for Koenig & Bauer, to understand how print’s historic pioneer stays current. Sebastian also shares his tips on what to look for when you need to print premium.

Let’s start with the basics. Sebastian, how do you make the very best print?

Firstly, a well-equipped, high-quality maintenance press is the base for all effective printing.

Secondly, the organization of the print shop and the production is also paramount. Keeping distances short, ensuring that material is on time, making sure people have the right information at the right time and so on. With each minute you lose for organizational reasons, you fall a step behind your competitors.

Lastly, I would also mention the importance of internal communication and organizational culture. Ensuring that information flows freely within the company, between all departments and all organizational levels, and making sure that the team spirit is thriving are the deciding factors. These things can give you that last nudge towards beating your competitors.

Koenig Bauer High quality press

Rapida 106 is a typical commercial press with a perfecting unit for 4 over 4 production and an additional coating tower.


What do customers need to know when evaluating between print houses? What do premium printers offer that low-price alternatives can’t?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to customer experience. Premium printers are more flexible with customer requests, e.g. for special substrate, special finishing, printing outside standards or post-press options.

Also, the support and customer care in most production phases e.g. in the pre-press stage is better. Having a direct contact to the print shop and knowing the origin of the production are increasingly important factors.

What are the most interesting new developments or innovations in printing technology?

For commercial printers, high-performance perfecting presses in combination with LED UV technology is one of the most interesting developments in the last few years. This makes printing way more efficient and reduces unproductive time.

For packaging printers, inline finishing processes are increasing in popularity. These methods help reduce production costs and offer lots of new, exciting possibilities for different finishes.