Langerbrugge pilot plant to drive commercialisation of our FDCA process FuraCore®

Langerbrugge pilot plant to drive commercialisation of our FDCA process FuraCore®

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Stora Enso’s Langerbrugge mill near Ghent, Belgium, is one of Europe’s largest recycled paper mills. This is where we’re establishing the pilot plant for our bio-based FuraCore® FDCA process. With 80 million people living within 300 km of the mill, and the Flanders region being increasingly important for bio-based technology, this is the place to be.
FuraCore pilot plant with operators

We selected the Flanders region as the home base for the production of FuraCore®, not only because of the existing Stora Enso facility, but also because the area has become important for bio-based technology. Now, we’re moving quickly towards commercialisation – taking the next steps in helping the packaging industry move towards circular, sustainable growth.

The process is led by our highly skilled chemical engineers on site, and the knowledge and knowhow developed during the pilot phase can be used by Stora Enso and potential partners during commercialisation operations.

Facts about Stora Enso Langerbrugge mill

  • One of the largest recycled paper mills in Europe, producing 555 000 tonnes of recycled paper each year

  • 80 million people live within 300 km of the mill

  • Flanders is an increasingly important region for bio-based technology

  • The Ghent-Antwerp area is home to a large number of chemical and petrochemical production sites, providing a skilled workforce and excellent logistics

  • Access to resources at the site including engineering support, safety networks, utilities and facilities for staff

What is FuraCore®?

FuraCore® is the brand name of our breakthrough technology to produce furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA). FDCA is an organic chemical compound that occurs in nature and the key building block for bio-based plastics such as PEF.

With our innovative process to produce FDCA, we aim at supplying manufacturers in the global transparent rigid and flexible packaging industries with a solution that contributes to sustainable, circular growth.

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Replacing fossil-based plastics with FuraCore

Innovation never happens in isolation

We realise that great innovations do not happen in isolation. As we’re moving forward with commercialisation of our FuraCore® process for FDCA, we’re looking to team up with other industry leaders who want to validate the properties of PEF resin and packaging.

In Europe and around the world, there are many companies of various sizes and across industries looking for renewable plastic alternatives for their products. Joining the commercialisation of a new era of bio-based plastics let’s you tap in to a growing market. 

FuraCore value chain
FuraCore value chain

For a future without fossil-based plastics

Today, over 90% of chemicals and materials are fossil-based. We want to change this. We no longer want to see carbon taken from below the ground, turned into products and then released into the atmosphere when these products are at the end of their lifecycle.

Instead, we want to see a circular tomorrow, where materials circulate constantly and where carbon added to the cycle is coming from crops and trees that grow back, taking carbon dioxide from the air. Because when plastic is necessary, it’s time to switch to a plastic that makes sense.