DuraSense™ by Stora Enso:
Imagine plastics products changed for good

The need to replace fossil-based materials with renewables is more than a trend that comes and goes with the seasons. This is change for good. So imagine finding an easy and cost-efficient way to cut the environmental impact of every product in your portfolio.

DuraSense™ by Stora Enso is a wood-fibre biocomposite offering the mouldability of plastics and the strength and sustainability of wood, resulting in a reduced CO2 footprint by up to 80%. DuraSense™ is for companies seeking a high-performance, bio-based alternative to plastics.

Endless possibilities with DuraSense™ biocomposites

DuraSense™ biocomposites offers new design opportunities using renewable resources from sustainably managed Nordic forests, certified according to a third-party Chain of Custody system. The material is suitable for a wide range of injection moulded products such as furniture, storage & logistics items, packaging, consumer goods, industrial components, automotive details and food contact plastics.

Smooth process and world class support

DuraSense™ biocomposites is developed to match and surpass conventional plastics using your existing moulds with little or no change to production techniques. You can also combine fibres with recycled or bio-based polymers to further enhance environmental values. Together with our customers, we’re constantly exploring new ideas; below you can view some of the key benefits of DuraSense™, and a few applications to inspire you.

Got a product idea? We’ll help from initial trials to commercialised product

From imagining a new product to reinventing old ones, our technical team at ISO-certified Hylte Mill in Sweden is happy to be with you every step of the way. Along with prototype development, we also provide world-class lab testing and on-site technical support after product launch. 

Come visit our labs, have a cup of coffee with us and test out your biocomposites possibilities.

Key benefits

  • 1

    Ability to replace most general-purpose plastics without losing properties.

  • 2

    Increased production efficiency with less cooling time and greater stiffness

  • 3

    Affordable sustainability

  • 4

    Up to 50% weight reduction possibility and low density for high tensile strength

  • 5

    Design flexibility in look and feel of end products

End-use applications

  • 1

    Storage & logistics: boxes, covers, pallets, dollies, hangers

  • 2

    Furniture and interior: chairs, tables, components, details

  • 3

    Consumer goods: toys, lifestyle products, beauty and hygiene products, promotional items, garden equipment

  • 4

    Food contact plastics: screw caps, mugs, kitchen utensils, disposables, food trays

  • 5

    Industrial and automotive components: power tools, electrical products, car interior parts and panels

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Why DuraSense?

  • Green, cost-efficient and versatile
  • Up to 80% lower carbon footprint
  • Renewable raw material


Muhammad Ali Malik
Business Development Manager, Biocomposites
+46 73 340 52 86

Elisabeth Bergvall
Business Development Manager, Biocomposites
+46 76 864 74 13

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