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Biocomposites - Replacing plastics with renewable materials

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Sustainable alternatives for plastics

Biocomposites by Stora Enso are an innovative way to replace conventional plastics. The granules consists of a combination of polymers and FSC® certified Nordic wood content from sustainably managed forests. 

Replacing fossil-based plastics has never been easier or more cost-effective

It can replace Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), and even more complex materials like Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene (GFPP), ABS, and Polycarbonate (PC).

Our  ~100% biobased material will significantly reduce your CO2 emissions

Biocomposite bio-grades even have a negative CO2 impact since carbon is captured and stored in the bioplastic and wood fibres of the material until it is released. Even when incinerated,less fossil CO2 will be released into the atmosphere, compared to fossil-based polymers. 

Suitable for a circular solution and recyclable in a standard plastics stream

Biocomposites enable circularity because the same material can be re-produced up to five times without losing mechanical properties. During recycling, Biocomposites can be separated for recycling in various ways, including density-based and NIR-based methods. 

Biocomposites work with existing tools and operations

Despite the fact that is contains natural content, it has similar material properties to fossil-based plastics allowing an easy transition to a sustainable material. 


Plates with food

Process techniques for Biocomposites

Flowers in pots

Injection Moulding

The Biocomposites injection moulding portfolio provides a diverse range of materials based on technological requirements, preferences, and product demands.

Injection Moulding
3D printed material

3D Printing

Because its haptic perception resembles wood, 3D printing wood-plastic composites allows for design uniqueness and arouses interest.

3D Printing




Pallets and crates made from Biocomposites

Designed to help your company transition towards a circular economy and increase the usable life of bulk transport packaging.


Bulk transport packaging

Customer cases and news

Circularity for Biocomposites 

Biocomposites can enable a circular loop, from a linear take-make-waste approach, to a circular model. We can optimize the use of a material by designing a system that enforces re-usability, recyclability and re-manufacturing of products using Biocomposites. 

This can be done thorugh

1. Select renewable materials

2. Design and maximize product usage

3. Recycling of materials

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