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Biocomposites for 3D printing are cost-effective and appealing due to their haptic perception resembling wood. Biocomposites for 3D printing are bio-based materials that contain 50% wood fibers and polymers.


Suitable for interiors

Biocomposites are a one-of-a-kind material for 3D printing wood-plastics into decorative objects. Because the material has visible fibers and a matching finish, it is easy to promote its environmental credentials.

Reduced carbon footprint

An opportunity to drastically reduce fossil-based plastics. When switching to Biocomposites, the majority of our customers make significant carbon emission savings.

Great for re-use

Improve the environmental profile of your product by collaborating with us to develop a closed loop system.

Our 3D service OneLoop takes sustainability to a new level

We can assist you in designing and producing 3D printed products or concepts. 3D printed furniture can be used to spruce up your settings, whether they are for a promotion area, a convention, or an office. The material enables creative designs that create a captivating atmosphere.

1. Design

We can help you create a design from scratch or optimize a current design for 3D purposes.

2. Produce

Our in-house production allows for a time efficient production process, specialized in our materials.

3. Buy-back

When you no longer need the items, we will collect them and repurpose the materials to make new items.

Our Biocomposites enable beautiful design. Almost anything is possible!


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