Biocomposites for packaging

Make your package stand out on the shelf with wood fibres

DuraSense™ by Stora Enso is a wood-based biocomposite for premium cosmetics and luxury brands seeking more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic primary packaging. With DuraSense™, you can make your packages more eco-friendly while improving aesthetics and tactile values.

Sustainability is the new luxury. With DuraSense™, your product will stand out with visible wood fibers. The wood-based biocomposites enable innovative packaging without a need for re-designing. It reinforces brands by using visible wood fibres, which communicate sustainability whilst providing premium touch and feel.

Flexible to design

DuraSense™ is a blend of wood fibers and plastic material, offering a light and flexible solution with the moldability of plastic, yet with the sustainable benefits of wood. The material is suitable for a wide range of packaging products; caps, jars, stoppers, handles, lids, and rims. DuraSense™ Visual is specially developed to show the wood fibre, while DuraSense™ White is specially developed for packages with complex details requiring a low taste and odour profile.

Affordable and sustainable

Biocomposites bring you the benefit of using less fossil-based material in your packaging and reducing the carbon footprint. In the best case, packaging can be 98% made of renewable material. Improve your environmental footprint with the cost and resource efficient DuraSense™ biocomposites.

DuraSense™ can be recycled along with plastic materials or used for energy recovery at the products’ end of life. Recycled products and production scrap can be fully reprocessed into new products with maintained or improved properties, improving your sustainability profile further.

Smooth to process on existing machines

With little or no change required to existing production techniques, DuraSense™ is designed to match conventional plastics and therefore it fits existing molds. We are happy to be with you at every step of the way, from initial trials to support of your product on the market.