Biocomposites for toys and childcare

Imagine your toys and childcare products changed for good

DuraSense™ by Stora Enso is the green, cost-efficient and versatile material for toys and childcare products. The blend of wood fibres and plastic material offers a light and flexible solution with the mouldabilityof plastic, yet the sustainable benefits of wood.

Making good choices, for our kids and the future of our planet

Biocomposites offer the benefit of using less fossil-based material in toys and childcare products. It is in fact possible to achieve products made out of 98% renewable material, reducing the fossil carbon footprint by up to 80%.They are suitable for a wide range of products; child and baby appliances, toy cars, train sets, building blocks, beach toys,among others.

Sustainability visualised

Our biocomposite allows you the possibility of making wood fibres visible on the surface of a product, enhancing its sustainability profile. 

Pure manufacturing process

The production of wood fibres for DuraSense™ is based on thermo-mechanical moulding of the wood or different fractions of milled wood. These are pure processes, with low impact on our environment. 


Products and production scrap can easily be reprocessed, resulting in enhanced strength properties and the possibility to improve your sustainability profile. 

Smooth process

With little or no change to existing production techniques, our material is developed to match conventional plastics and therefore fit existing moulds. 

Come visit our Biocomposite Competence Centre in Hylte, Sweden. We will show you around the plant, dive into discussions on products and potential business, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.