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Although plastics offer good price-performance for serving trays, they are facing increasing challenges: Unsatisfactory environmental profile – cheap feel and appearance – limited strength and rigidity.

What about an alternative that combines the versatility, durability and life-cycle economics of plastics with the sustainability and appearance of natural renewable material? Biocomposites allows you to reduce the CO2 footprint of your tray up to 40%. The wood fibers reinforcement create additional strength and stiffness and increase the temperature resistance. Our material can be used in existing PP or ABS moulds, and the resulting trays are dishwasher safe. The ultimate durable and sustainable solution!


Proven concept

The material has been tested successfully and has been commercially launched with several partners in the market. It has been tested it in different designs with injection molders in many different countries.

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Dishwasher safe

Trays made with biocomposites is dish-washer safe which allows restaurants to easily clean and re-use the trays multiple times.


Designed for quality

In most cases a move to more sustainable material requires compromising on quality. With biocomposites in trays the reverse happens: the wood-fibres will reinforce products. The resulting trays are much more rugged and stable than PP (plastic) trays.


Beautiful haptics

The visible fibers and a matte finish gives your trays a natural touch. The visible fibres are also a great way to communicate its real sustainability gains to consumers.
With a great-looking natural (light-caramel) color, it can easily be coloured to the colour of your choice with most masterbatches.

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Drop-in solution

Available as a drop-in solution to replace PP or ABS trays, but for best results we recommend to design trays and moulds tailored to the strengths of the material. Stora Enso’s close collaboration with experienced mould designers will gladly help you to facilitate the design and engineering process.


Temperature resistance

Both in comparison to PP and to other available green materials, the material offers excellent temperature resistance – making it very well suited for use in demanding restaurant and serving conditions, also in contact with hot plates and cups.

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Trays made from biocomposites are 100% recyclable. Stora Enso will gladly and actively work with you to create viable closed loop systems, creating an even better environmental profile for your trays.

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