DuraSense® for extrusion

Imagine an affordable way to go green

The DuraSense® product portfolio is well suited for the extrusion of profiles. Our portfolio for extrusion consists of both ready-made profiles of high quality and granules for extrusion. Profiles made from wood-based composites are strong, and compared to plastics, they have a low carbon foot print and an excellent sustainability profile. The most common designs can be made with DuraSense®. Whether you choose ready-made profiles or granules for your own extrusion, we support you all the way with design assistance, smooth production and a quick turn-around.

Why DuraSense®

  • Improved environmental footprint with wood-based biocomposites
  • Affordable and commercially available alternative
  • Wide property span for a range of applications
  • Reinforcement of virgin or recycled plastic polymers
  • Broad spectrum of wood fibers creating high aspect ratio for better reinforcement

When are biocomposites a good choice?

DuraSense® Pure

DuraSense® Prime

DuraSense® Recycled

DuraSense® Solid

DuraSense® Hollow