DuraSense® for Fibre Mats

Imagine a ductile sheet material with strength like wood yet mouldability like plastic

DuraSense® Fibre Mats is an excellent choice for a wide range of sheet-based applications where mouldability and impact requirements are high.

With a highly effective process, DuraSense® Fibre Mats are optimal for replacing thermoformed sheet plastics in a wide range of applications. It allows for high demands at a competitive price level, which is not possible competing technologies. Being made from FSC-certified cellulose and with a low inclusion of additives, it is both renewable and recyclable - the majority of grades as cardboard/liquid packaging.

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Why DuraSense® Fibre Mats?

  • Reduced environmental footprint compared to plastics
  • Impact resistant compared to competing technologies
  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Price competitive
  • Possibility to enhance environmental aspects in product aesthetics
  • Offers design freedom with regard to wall thicknesses and complex curvatures

What type of products are suitable for DuraSense® Fibre Mats?


Single use products

Innovative single-use cutlery, developed to meet EU plastic ban and user-optimized regarding touch and feel.