Plastics changed for good

The latest news:

Our DuraSense® family is growing with a fully bio-based product.

The new product is based on renewable wood fibers, certified in accordance to PEFC and FSC, and polypropylene based on second generation bio-based materials, not competing with food crops and being palm oil free. The product is certified according to ISCC Plus and is approved for products in contact with food (European food contact approval, FDA pending).

DuraSense® Eco PP is an alternative for businesses looking for superior sustainability performance combined with ease to process and maintained product properties.

Our raw materials- 100% from the forest

Our wood fibers are sustainability sourced and harvested. All our fibers are certified and locally sourced. The wood fibers are mainly scrap normally being used for energy. The wood fibres make an important contribution to the favorable environmental profile. In addition, they strengthen the product and contribute to a nice look of the item produced.

The bio-based polypropylene is a mass-balance certified PP, where in the production of polypropylene, tall oil is used instead of fossil-based naphtha.

Economically attractive

Compared to most other fully bio-based solutions, we are proud to offer an economically viable product, making it easy to opt for sustainability improvement. For more information regarding prices, please contact us


Product information

  • Carbon foot print reduction of 70% vs. regular fossil-based PP. For a full LCA, please visit our content hub:
  • Can be supplied with 30, 40 respectively 50% wood fibers.
  • Total renewable content of up to 97,5%.
  • Good property space. Possible to replace most rigid PP products with this material.
  • Product is can be recycled and the property profile is fully retained during multiple re-processing.

Watch our film: We realise that replacing plastics with renewable materials is a gradual process.

Also, if you want to find out about the circular life of biocomposites, have a look at this video: