DuraSense® for injection moulding

Imagine an affordable way to go green

The DuraSense® portfolio for injection moulding offers a great variation of materials dependent on customer preferences and product demands. Thermoplastic injection moulding is the most common way to manufacture parts. Thermoplastics can be repeatedly molten or softened by heating and solified by cooling. Many different end-uses include toys, industrial components, packaging, home appliances, electrical appliances, among others.

Why DuraSense®

  • Improved environmental footprint with wood fiber biocomposite
  • Affordable and commercially available alternative
  • Wide property span for a range of applications

When are biocomposites a good choice?

Rigid materials

Most suitable for rigid materials.

Smart designs

Smart product design allows for higher fiber content. Thick-walled products can generally handle higher fiber loads.


The natural colour of wood fibers is caramel, hence transparent products are not possible to produce.

Walls above 0.8 mm

Minimum wall-thickness of at least 0.8 mm. Required wall thickness dependent on product geometry. For thin-walled applications (below 1 mm) master batching is suitable.

Recommended products for injection moulding

DuraSense® Pure

DuraSense® Plus

DuraSense® Prime

DuraSense® Recycled

DuraSense® Eco

DuraSense® White