Solid core profiles

DuraSense® Solid core by Stora Enso is a patented product (SE 538 877 C2) for multiple uses. It is a sustainable alternative to impregnated wood or PVC products that will last you a lifetime. Our solution is optimised for outdoor use with a patented skin formulation.

Solid core profiles are made of thermally treated wood with an outdoor-optimised biocomposite skin for long-term protection. It makes it strong, durable and offers close to zero moisture uptake. Compared to impregnated wood the DuraSense® biocomposite solution is a sustainable alternative without any harmful chemicals.

The profiles can be produced in a great variety of colours. Bright red is not recommended for outdoor use as the pigments tend to fade. However, red can well be used, for example, for indoor stable profiles.

Stora Enso offers a range of profiles suitable for different types of applications
Stable profiles
  • Made to fit existing modular systems offered by most horse box suppliers
  • Strong as hardwood
  • Better resistance, lighter and available in more colour options compared to recycled solid plastic profiles
  • Currently offered to customers in the Nordics and Benelux area. We are also looking for suppliers in Germany.

Cladding profiles

  • Beautiful weatherboarding panels designed for modern buildings for low maintenance
  • Currently offered only for selected customers
  • Commercially available in 2020

Decking profiles

  • Durable profiles, available in many different colours
  • Beam span of 60 cm whereas for traditional wood plastic composite (WPC) deckings, the beam span is reduced to 40 cm.
  • Currently offered to private customers in the Nordics