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As a brand owner, searching for the best offer for your corrugated packaging can be a tedious process. This is particularly true if you do not already have an experienced sourcing department with available resources and tools in place.

The sourcing process should aim for the following results:

  • Seek market intelligence
  • Create a Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Identify reliable suppliers
  • Receive comparable Quotes
  • Conclude an Agreement
  • Set up a reliable Order process

The service Box Inc helps brand owners achieve all of that. It is a business-to-business marketplace for corrugated packaging. It helps companies to create a request for quotation, receive and compare quotes, select the preferred supplier, order, pay and eventually re-order. The process is simple and intuitive. Further the service works with local partner suppliers and manufacturers in Germany. The service is currently available to brand owners located in Germany.

Corrugated packaging is renewable, plastic-free and widely recycled and is a low-carbon choice for brands and companies.

Renewable materials such as corrugated packaging is a natural part of the circular economy.

Key benefits for buyers from sourcing via Box Inc

  • It saves time and resources
  • It makes it easy to compare offers
  • It provides access to reliable suppliers
  • It offers a safe payment process and 30 days payment terms
  • It is free of charge
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Key benefits for suppliers from selling via Box Inc

  • Access to new customers and new requests for quotations
  • Purchasers and requests for quotations are pre-qualified
  • No need for an e-commerce solution or sales and marketing investments
  • Only pay for the business that you get
  • Secure payment solution eliminates credit risk

Box Inc is a smarter way for businesses of any size to submit carton requests, get quotes from German suppliers, and make secure orders.

All for free. All online. All on Box Inc.