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Stora Enso and Tingstad work together for circular and plastic free packaging

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Tingstad sells the newly developed PureFiber™ by Stora Enso food bowls directly to customers in the fast food industry.

Tingstad is a family owned company and the market leading distributor of disposables and food service products to the HORECA sector in the Nordic countries. The company has been around for 60 years and has a turnover of 250 million EUR.

Tingstad embraces innovation and new, more sustainable, packaging and packaging materials.

- Stora Enso follows an innovative and sustainable agenda that attracts us. Stora Enso’s dedication when applying their values in practice is truly inspiring, says Emma Diedrich from Tingstad.

Circularity is important to customers today

Tingstad sees an increasing demand from their customers for non-plastic packaging. Both renewable and recyclable products are becoming more and more popular. The EU ban on certain single use plastic products pushes the demand, as well as the general climate debate.

- We see a trend that an increasing amount of our customers not only value packaging functionality, but also aspects such as circularity and sustainability, Diedrich comments.

Tingstad is excited about the new PureFiber™ range. It has substantially lower CO2 equivalent emissions compared to alternative products, and the products are renewable, recyclable and plastic-free. 

- These next generation eco-products are a way for us to meet the customer expectations even better, Diedrich comments.

The fact that the PureFiber™ food bowls are produced in Sweden is also very important to Tingstad. The company has been striving towards adding a locally produced, plastic free, product range to their fast food assortment.

Sustainability for Tingstad means turning words into action

Tingstad works to make a sustainable impact on three levels. On a supplier level, the company pushes for more sustainable products, production methods, transportation, and working conditions. On their own company level, Tingstad make sure to invest in renewable energy solutions, more efficient vehicles, and to minimize the waste that they create. On a societal level, Tingstad supports organizations that improve the lives of people living in less fortunate conditions.

Tingstad has strong believes in transparency and has therefore implemented several tools to educate their customers, providing them with all the information they need to make more eco-friendly choices.

- We strive to make sustainability accessible to our customer. For instance, we have released a digital feature letting customers, as we call it, “sustainify” their shopping cart on our e-commerce site. In other words, a tool transforming the content of the customer’s order into more sustainable products. We strongly believe that PureFiber™ will play an important role in the transition from plastic to non-plastic food packaging. We are excited about bringing a truly sustainable solution to the market together with Stora Enso, Diedrich ends.

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"Stora Enso follows an innovative and sustainable agenda that attracts us. "
says Emma Diedrich

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