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biocomposites overview


Climate smart solutions to replace plastics

Our world needs help and we can all do something. To reduce, replace and recycle plastic materials will play an important role in reducing our carbon footprint.There is seldom one solution to solve all challenges.

Therefore we offer you portfolio of climate-smart compounds with ability to suit different needs. We are pragmatic, we know that a plastic material is some time needed to handle specific needs but also very often used only because it is cheap and what we grown used to. With our portfolio of climate smart compounds we believe we can replace up to 32 million tons of plastics, without lost value in product to end user and with a substantial reduction of carbon footprint and increased use of re-circled materials.

We can’t do it alone, but together we can support the world with a reduction of human created green-gas emission and steer towards materials and products with the ability not only be recycled but reused into new product. We go all the way, you will notice, sustainable materials, circular product designs, lease models etc. All this just to make the world a bit better and we hope you are willing to join the mission.

A wide offer to reduce and replace plastics 

The portfolio encompass different climate-smart solutions in combination with performance and durability to an affordable level.

  • Wood fiber based compounds
  • Bio-based compounds
  • Recycled compounds 

All our compounds can be used in traditional plastic converting (injection moulding, extrusion, or 3D-printing) and has a great variety of possible applications.

Most of our materials can be purchased in combination with a circular business model. In most cases we can offer you repurchase of old and used product for reprocessing into new product.

The portfolio is certified in accordance with ISO14001, ISO50001, and we are proud to offer excellent traceability for the great majority of our materials and produce according to GMP (Good manufacturing practice). A number of materials are food-contact approved for EU and fulfills the EU-directive safe to use in Toys. 

End-use applications

Key benefits

  • Ability to replace fossil-based plastics 

  • Extensive portfolio ability to handle different demands

  • Affordable sustainability

  • Up to 50% weight reduction possibility and low density for high tensile strength

  • Design flexibility in look and feel of end products

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