DuraSense® for 3D-printing

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Imagine an affordable way to go green

DuraSense® for 3D printing is a versatile material. It is a well-functioning alternative for support structures. Made from mostly renewable materials, DuraSense® offers an excellent sustainability profile. It is cost-competitive to most other bio-based materials and, additionally, its haptic perception resembles wood. It is a material easy to process, that doesn’t warp easily. All DuraSense® materials can be reused many times over if the material is recycled at the product’s end of life. Due to the wood fibers inside, the melting point is low.

Why DuraSense®

  • Improved environmental footprint with wood-based biocomposites
  • Affordable and commercially available alternative
  • Wide property span for a range of applications
  • Reinforcement of virgin or recycled plastic polymers
  • Easy to 3D print large objects

Products suitable for 3D printing

Limited Editions


Reducing components or labour

Recommended products for 3D printing

DuraSense® 3D Recycled

When cost performance is the key driver. Excellent cost-to-sustainability ratio.

  • Up to 60% wood content combined with recycled polymer 
  • Material easy to 3D print
  • Suitable for products with basic demands
  • Offered with both non-visible and visible wood fibers

DuraSense® 3D Plus

For applications with high property demands

  • Wood content of 30-50% depending on product demand and design
  • For products with higher demands on flexibility or impact
  • Offered with both non-visible and visible wood fibers
  • Most grades are food contact approved
  • For products requiring impact strength and formability

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