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We must all take responsibility for improving product’s environmental footprint. You can support this journey by replacing virgin fossil-based plastics, with a solution that provides a lower carbon footprint, less microplastics and which supports the build of a circular economy. Biocomposites a green, cost-efficient and versatile material which can be used in many different consumer products today made by plastics. Biocomposites is also an solution which helps creating demand for recycled plastics that would normally not be recycled. The blend of wood fibres and plastic material offers a light and flexible solution with the mouldability of plastic, yet the sustainable benefits of wood.

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Gives extra strength and durability needed for toys to withstand play and fun.

Helps reduce litter

By choosing biocomposites made of recycled materials for your product, you help reduce litter and improving the reuse of our resources.
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Responsible choice

Our products are safe to use, well certified, responsibly sourced and manufacturing in accordance to good manufacturing process.

Beautiful haptics

The material comes with visible fibers and a mate finish, making it easy to communicate its sustainability improvement. Its natural color is caramel, but it can easily be colored to the color of your choice. Products based on post-consumer recycled plastics however comes with colorability limitations.

Carbondioxide savings

There is no better way to improve a products environmental impact than ensuring it provides the product with a better LCA. Our material increases the possibilities to decrease plastic use and significantly reduce your CO2 footprint and thereby improving the products LCA.

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