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The global single-use plastic (SUP) ban will include cutlery that is made of plastic an intended for single use. To find an alternative with the ability fulfill customer needs and the ban is for most cutlery products very difficult. Cutlery made with biocomposites is part of a circular solution that replaces up to 51 % of plastic with wood fibers and enhances the carbon footprint by enabling reuse. Compared with commonly used polystyrene (PS) cutlery, you get a 50% reduction in carbon footprint in combination with extra strength & durability needed for high quality cutlery.


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Sup ban

Cutlery designed and intended for single use has been banned in several places globally. We believe that cutlery made with DuraSense® and designed for re-use, is the best and most affordable solution to the ban.

Proven concept

The material has been tested successfully and has been commercially launched with several partners in the market. It has been tested it in different designs with injection molders all around the world.

Designed for quality

In most cases a move to more sustainable material requires compromising on quality. With biocomposites you can still eat your steak, without breaking the knife and fork. Just like polystyrene, biocomposites offer great strength, stiffness and impact strength
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DuraSense® can be produced using existing injection molding machines with only slight adjustments to processing parameters. The material has been developed to facilitate an easy switch from polystyrene.
Dish washer

Dishwasher safe

Cutlery made with biocomposites is dish-washer safe which allows consumers, retailers and brands to re-use the cutlery multiple times.
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Temperature resistance

Unlike most other available green materials, cutlery made in biocomposites handles temperatures well, making it a suitable choice for products in contact with hot food and drinks.


If needed, cutlery made with biocomposites can be 100% recyclable. Stora Enso is actively collaborating to recycle DuraSense® for extending the lifetime of our biocomposites.

Drop-in solution

Cutlery made with DuraSense® is available as a drop-in solution, but for best results we recommend designing new molds for new reusable cutlery. Stora Enso have close collaboration with experienced mold designers to help You facilitate the process.
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We give you the opportunity to move away from the disposable concept and think more about long lasting reusability. This increases the possibilities for retailers & brand owners to decrease their plastic use and their overall CO2 footprint. If needed, it can be 100% recycled after a certain lifetime back into a new product.
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Beautiful haptics

The material comes with visible fibers and a mate finish, making it easy to communicate its sustainability improvement. Its natural color is caramel, but it can easily be colored to the color of your choice.


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