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Sustainable and durable solutions for storage, packaging and logistics

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Do you wish to improve your environmental footprint? We offer you a sustainable and cost affordable alternative to fossil-based plastics with wood-fiber compounds and recycled materials. Our wood-fiber compounds is a great merge of strength and mouldability. It guarantees long-term reusable products with the added benefit of improved sustainability.


Our compounds comes in many shapes and forms. It can be injection moulded and 3D-printed and is suitable for products such as transportation boxes, pallets, edge protectors and crates.


Did you know that our granules comes modified with impact strength at pars with engineered plastics, which is essential for products being constantly moved and shipped?
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Lower carbon foot print

With our material you reduce the amount of fossil-based plastics. It helps to make significant reduction in carbon footprint. Dependent on the polymer replaced most of our customers can reduce carbon foot print with 60-80 %.


Master batching can be a suitable alternative for products with total fibre content of 30 % or less to reduce product cost. Adding wood fibres even in low amounts 20-25% can enable wider use of e.g. post-consumer plastics for products where product performance is more important than color and design.

Circular business

In most logistics flow it is possible to create a closed loop. With our compounds you have the possibility to create a circular product flow. Especially the wood fiber compounds maintains its performance even when reprocessed. Stora Enso is able to support you all the way. 


Compared to most other alternatives offering the same performance and sustainability profile, the compounds are highly affordable. Product performance at pars with many engineered plastics, to a cost similar to general purpose, topped with sustainability improvement. Can it be any better?

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