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Climate-smart compounds produced by Stora Enso are the perfect solution if you are looking to produce affordable handles with low environmental impact. With a broad portfolio we have a compound suitable for almost any type of handle. The material has excellent longevity and reusability with good grip and fantastic haptics.

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Solutions for many type of handles. DuraSense® Pure is a very cost efficient material with ability to fit both low budget productions. DuraSense® Eco, 98% bio-based is a cost-efficient solution when comparing to other bio-based polymers.
Dish washer

Dishwasher safe

Kitchen tools or knives handles made of biocomposites are durable and dishwash safe.

Beautiful haptics

A tactile fitting modern design. The visible fibers and a matte finish gives your handles a natural touch. The visible fibres are also a great way to communicate its real sustainability gains to consumers.
With a great-looking natural (light-caramel) color, it can easily be coloured to the colour of your choice with most masterbatches.

Durable and strong

Some of our compounds are as strong as glass fiber. Use the natural reinforcement of wood fibers in combination of mouldability of plastics. With natural wood fibers stiffness, your handle will have comparable characteristics to ABS or HIPS.
Dish brush

Recycled plastics

Material with both industrial and post-consumer recycled plastics, are offered. The wood fibers act as a reinforcement to recycled plastics, making post-consumer waste a possibility and expanding the property space. Recycled plastic can only be used for products not requiring food contact approval. Some limits in colorability.

FSC and PEFC certified

Our material is always FSC® certified. PEFC® certification is a possibility.

Fully bio-based

Fully bio-based solutions are available and is a great alternative for handles requiring food contact approval. With our Eco grades you can reduce your carbon foot print with up to 80%.
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Optimized production

With our material there is a possibility to reduce cycle time in production. In addition, no sink marks in the injected part are visible.

Scratch resistance

Most of our materials have a very good scratch resistance.

Food approved

Most of our materials are food contact approved in EU. DuraSense® is certified according to the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

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