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A great majority of hangers are made from polystyrene generating a relatively high carbon foot print. Biocomposites gives you the possibility to produce high quality hangers to a significantly lower carbon footprint compared with common materials such as polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene glass fibre (PPGF). The material can be offered as a circular solution and replace 40%-50% fossil-based plastic. With biocomposites retailers and brands receive both a positive environmental, beautiful design and a cost-efficient solution with long-lasting and reusable material.


Designed for quality

Gives extra strength and durability needed for high quality hangers. Strength beyond polystyrene in hangers but still designed so to ensure required flexibility.

Proven concept

The material has been tested successfully in most of the existing hanger designs on the market with excellent result. It works well for both thin-walled, thick-walled and gas-injected hangers.
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Renewable material

Biocomposites for hangers are made with 40-50% wood content, which comes from a renewable source.
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Drop-in solution

We can offer a drop-in solution for most injection molders with similar creep as the materials it replaces. It can be produced on existing machines with only slight adjustments of processing parameters. The material for hangers has been developed with key focus on good processability.


An opportunity to extend the life-time of hangers. High quality hangers made in biocomposites can often be re-used multiple times and for a longer period than most other materials as they are less sensitive to deformations.
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If needed, hangers made with biocomposites can be 100% recyclable after end-of use, extending its lifetime beyond most other materials. Biocomposites assures no significant deterioration in mechanical or optical properties of the hangers.

Beatiful haptics

The material comes with visible fibers and a mate finish, making it easy to communicate its sustainability improvement. Its natural color is caramel, but it can easily be colored to the color of your choice. Products based on post-consumer recycled plastics however comes with colorability limitations.

Carbon dioxide savings

Our material increases the possibilities to decrease plastic use and significantly reduce your CO2 footprint. The CO2 emission savings relative to GPPS is 51%, when using wood fibers in combination with virgin plastics. With the use of recycled polymers the reduction can be even greater.

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