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Are you looking for a versatile material where performance and reduced environmental footprint are both important factors? With our high-performing biocomposites you can achieve results like those of engineered plastics to an attractive cost and with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. We have examples of good result with our material for use in industrial equipment/components and tools. There is a solution for almost every product or product component.


Durable reinforcement

Create products with excellent stiffness, strength and impact properties. It can also be designed to have a more flexible nature if needed. This versatility makes it suitable for many demanding applications in e.g. the industrial, tools and components segments.
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Saving potential

A possibility to reduce costs and increase margins. The product is affordable compared to many of the engineered plastics and with clever design there are often the possibility to reduce material usage due to its strength to weight ratio.

Compliant and certified

Our high-performing grades are well certified and complies with many of the common standards. We also do customer specific certification of our products when needed. DuraSense® Prime is not food contact approved.

Falme retardancy

Biocomposites offers good temperature resistance. Wood fibres are a natural flame retardant and even without the addition of additives.

Reduced carbon footprint

An opportunity to make a significant reduction of fossil-based plastics. A majority of our customers saves 50-60% in carbon emission when switching to biocomposites.

Great for re-use

We will gladly and actively work with you to create viable closed loop systems, creating an even better environmental profile for your product




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