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DuraSense® for 3D printing offers an excellent sustainability profile. It is cost-competitive to most other bio-based material, easy to process and that doesn’t warp easily.

The DuraSense® for 3D printing can be used for interior elements and contains 40-50% wood fibers. The material allows for one to design and create uniqueness and arouse interests as its haptic perception resembles wood.

3D printed material

Beautiful haptics

The material comes with visible fibers and a mate finish, making it easy to communicate its sustainability improvement. Its natural color is caramel.

Reduced carbon footprint

An opportunity to make a significant reduction of fossil-based plastics. A majority of our customers saves 50-60% in carbon emission when switching to biocomposites.

Great for re-use

We will gladly and actively work with you to create viable closed loop systems, creating an even better environmental profile for your product

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