DuraSense® for replacing different plastics

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Imagine an affordable way to drive plastic substitution

Are you ready to contribute to a better tomorrow by improving your environmental footprint?

The transition to a fossil-free environment is ongoing. DuraSense® is a commercially available product family with the ability to replace a broad spectrum of today’s hundreds of thousands of different plastic compositions while maintaining high product quality and price competitiveness.

How DuraSense® performs compared to common plastic materials

All plastic materials are different and when replacing your existing material with a new one you need to take into account that properties will change to some extent. A material change is usually best conducted in combination with an overview of current product design and property specification. Property demands tend to be overstated compared to actual needs, and very often minor changes in product design will allow for a better overall result.

The benefits of wood as a material lie in its stiffness, durability and ability to handle heavy loads. DuraSense® can offer a performance similar to that of engineered plastics but without a heavy price tag.

Impact strength and elongation are usually weaker without the modification of wood fibers. Stora Enso has extensive experience in wood fiber modification. Thus, we can also offer a product with high impact strength.

Transitioning to DuraSense® offers you the ability to take a major step in the right direction.

DuraSense® can be used to replace the following plastics







PA6/66 (NYLON)


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