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What will be demanded of building materials in the future? We guess elegance, durability and sustainability. We believe we have the solution for modern outside living. By combining centuries of experience within wood products with being a global leader in biocomposites into our range of solid core profiles. All the natural advantages of wood combined with the additional benefits of biocomposites. This is a revolutionary product with a combination of unique benefits.

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DuraSense® Solid Core Profiles are available in a variety of shapes and lengths, tailored toward the different applications.


No hazardous chemicals

A true sustainable choice. Based on locally sourced FSC certified wood. No impregnation chemicals applied. No cleaning fluids, oils or paints required for maintenance.


Aging with grace

Natural strength and low weight of wood reinforced by a tough protective biocomposite layer to ensure resistance against moisture and ageing.

Woman building table

Ease of installation

Incredibly easy to install (and disassemble). Our profiles have been designed to ensure that literally anyone can work with them- This is a great benefit to consumers, builders and contractors alike.

high pressure profiles

Low maintenance

An outdoor product that requires minimal maintenance. No need to repaint or oil it. Material can easily be washed with high water pressure without any impact on its surface.

friction test

Strong and stable

Stronger and lighter compared to other WPC solutions. Creep resistance and high dimensional stability allowing for longer centre-centre distance between construction frame beams.

Stable profile


Only your imagination sets the boundaries. The products can be used for many different purposes e.g. decks, fences, facades and stables.

outside deck

Great look and feel

A beautiful look and texture of wood available in a vast array of colours, to satisfy all tastes, without the need to paint. The patented skin assures no splinter and good anti-slip.

Man by computer


Our R&D organisation has gone to great length to make sure that our profiles will fulfil tough customer demands and we apply rigorous quality tests before sending products to our customers.



A competitive price per meter, a long-life span of 25 years +, low installation cost and neglectable cost for maintenance. Our profiles offer both immediate as well as long term cost benefits.




Ideally suited for creating the modern deck.

  • Easy-to-build
  • No splinters
  • Anti-slip
  • Allowing a 60 cm beam (joist) span
  • In many different colors



Wonderful and endlessly durable facades for homes and buildings.

  • Modern appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • No painting
  • Many different colors build everything from a sturdy shed to a beautiful house.

stable front


For indoor and outdoor stables.

  • Made to fit existing modular systems.
  • Strong as hardwood.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Resistant to crib biters
  • Many different colors
  • Low weight compared to plastic profiles.

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