RFID tag offering

Our portfolio of RFID tag solutions provides a clear route for connecting the physical and the digital. You’ll gain real-time visibility of your supply chains, enhance the end-user experience, and safeguard your products and brand from illegal activity, to name just a few of the benefits.

Make RFID labels by Stora Enso part of a smart, speedy and secure business solution. Choose from UHF, NFC or a combination depending on your unique needs. They’re field-proven, compliant with global standards, and optimised for low cost and high yield.

Stora Enso partners with leading partners like Impinj© and NXP© to develop best-in-class tags with the latest microchip technology. Most of our tags and labels are RAIN RFID certified and meet all relevant industry standards. All tag rolls contain only 100% good tags, so they are easy and safe to apply. We also have a production site in China to better serve the Asian and global markets.

Our range of tags

Tail – UHF RFID tags for cables

Bobbin – NFC labels for consumer products

Bracket – UHF RFID labels for packaging and supply chains

Bumper – UHF RFID labels for industrial applications

Stripe – UHF RFID labels for metal-item tagging

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Nearly endless range of consumer and industrial applications

  • 2

    Flexible, fit-for-function designs

  • 3

    Attach to nearly anything – from individual items like apparel, luggage, pharma bottles, cosmetics and more, to packages and pallets

  • 4

    Compatible with standard RFID printers and encoders

  • 5

    Optimised for low cost and high yield, with 100% good tags in a roll for easy application

End-use areas and applications

  • 1

    Receiving and shipping

  • 2

    Inventory management

  • 3

    Intelligent VMI

  • 4

    Intelligent shelves and cabinets

  • 5

    Omnichannel marketing programmes