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Intelligent RFID shelves – streamline inventory and get customer insight

Get smart with Drop-in-Shop intelligent shelves by Stora Enso, and gain immediate information about stock levels and consumer behaviour.

What are intelligent shelves?

Intelligent shelves are shelves, racks or cabinets in a store or warehouse that are equipped with RFID capabilities. RFID tags are affixed to the stored items to be monitored. An RFID reader is embedded into or behind the shelf, and RFID antennas are built into the shelf or can be installed above it or on the bottom of a rack.

The data from the readers gets sent to our cloud-based database . This software makes sense of the volumes of data and presents it so that managers can get real-time inventory counts and consumer interaction details.

How do I use Drop-in-Shop?

Drop-in-Shop means plug-and-play. You can easily set up our solution in a traditional retail store or other retail spaces like airports – the only thing you need is electrical power. You can use the solution permanently or for shorter-term campaigns.

You can identify, track and monitor large quantities of single-use retail items or high-value items like healthcare consumables . We work together with you to design the best solution for your brand or business needs.

Benefits of Drop-in-Shop intelligent shelves

Our smart shelving solutions benefit sellers and buyers alike.

  • Prevent stock-outs, get timely replenishment, and optimise in-store sales
  • Reduce time and errors from manual labour counts Identify misplaced, lost or stolen items
  • Help customers find and engage with the products they want
  • Control who removes or checks out valuable items


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