Shipping and receiving

RFID solutions for faster and more reliable shipping and receiving

No matter the industry or type of product manufactured, improving warehouse operations is key to boosting business. With RFID, you can process outbound and inbound shipments quickly, automatically and accurately.

Keep pace with the speed of business with Stora Enso’s intelligent, RFID-powered packaging combined with RFID-enabled warehouses and DCs. Our solutions will help you say goodbye to lost products, inaccurate inventory records and customer service complaints, and hello to peak efficiency.

Save huge amounts of time and labour

Receiving and reconciling inbound goods is time consuming and error prone, especially when workers need to disassemble pallets and scan items one by one. But with RFID, you can identify many hundreds of items at the same time at nearly 100% accuracy – without user interaction or line of sight.
Unlike with barcodes, workers don’t need to scan. You can install unattended RFID readers on forklifts, gates, dock doors and transition points to automatically identify and record all packages that pass through.
Manually validating outbound shipments is equally time consuming and unreliable. Incomplete or incorrect shipments can cause a costly domino effect down the entire supply chain. The results: production stops, stock-outs and even lost revenues.

Benefits of RFID for shipping and receiving

RFID can benefit nearly any business that regularly ships or receives products. Here’s how.

Reduced labour costs

  • Less manual intervention
  • Faster throughput
  • Workers can be freed up to do more value-adding tasks
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Fewer production disturbances
  • Reduced risk of delays

Lower cost of errors

  • Fewer shipment errors
  • Fewer customer claims
  • Less time spent on error resolution