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Accuracy, cost-efficiency and reliability. Stora Enso’s Aero UCODE8 label is optimized for aviation industry - tracking and tracing bags. Aero incorporates a robust design and NXP’s UCODE 8 chip. These together offer best-in-class and true global performance in this specific RFID tagging application.

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) Resolution 753 came into effect on 1 June 2018. It is a key driver behind RFID for baggage tracking. This means that by 2020, many airline customers will notice significant changes that will take the hassle out of managing their bags. The implementation will add transparent real-time baggage tracking options and help to reduce the likelihood of lost baggage, provide enhanced security, increased baggage handling efficiencies, and improve on-time departures, which all combine to greatly improve customer satisfaction.

RFID technology in bag tracking

RFID technology offers a reliable and cost-efficient way to track bags and it its widespread availability and 99-100% read rate were a few of the reason behind IATA’s decision to choose the technology over other potential solutions. Currently, majority of bag labels are still identified and tracked using bar codes, which cannot deliver the efficiency and accuracy that RFID tags can present.

The benefits of RFID in baggage handling include:

  • 99-100% accuracy

  • End to end tracking

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Durable also in hard conditions

  • Improved data consistency

  • Higher automation of processes

  • Identification and tracking without the need for human intervention

  • Passive tags do not interference with aircraft systems

Key features of the AERO RFID Tag by Stora Enso

Global performance

Passive Aero UCODE 8 label enables excellent read distance compared to its size as well as fast inventory of dense RFID tag population. Aero labels comply with Auburn Radio Compliance (ARC) category U defined by the RFID Research Center at the University of Auburn. Category U is specifically designed for luggage tagging applications. Aero has been measured against high tuning plastic and rubber materials, which simulate well the used luggage materials. High-performing Aero can also be utilized in various other supply-chain management applications.

Featuring UCODE 8

UCODE 8 provides new features not present in NXP’s earlier generation, UCODE 7 IC, including a self-adjust feature. This auto tuning mechanism ensures that the ‘peak sensitivity’ and thus consistent product performance is available in a broader range of operating frequencies and applications. UCODE 8 IC comes with 128-bit EPC memory and features a unique 96-bit tag identifier (TID) as well as a pre-serialized EPC.

Optimized form factor

Aero UCODE8 label’s dimensions are optimized. The label fits perfectly on the currently used baggage tags and wide web delivery format optimizes the throughput of baggage tags during converting. 100% good Aero inlays on delivered roll will also maximize the yield of the baggage tag converting process.


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