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Corrugated boxes for beverages – shelf-ready, customisable

The consumption of beverages is rising. The variety of beverage products has exploded. And more and more organic products are entering the market as consumers and brand owners alike become more environmentally aware.

These challenges present an opportunity to stand out from the crowd while keeping costs to a minimum. The solution is quite simple: corrugated beverage packaging from Stora Enso.

Benefits of corrugated packaging material for beverages:

Corrugated boxes provide protect protection: Depending on the level of protection you need, our corrugated board comes in different sizes and thicknesses. You’ll get exactly the right strength to weight ratio to keep beverage products safe during long-distance transport, handling and storage. 

Corrugated boxes are cost effective: Price pressures are forcing some brand owners to streamline their expensive primary packaging. Secondary packaging can offer a viable solution. Luckily, corrugated boxes are some of the most affordable packaging options around. Highly skilled labour or costly tools aren’t needed to manufacture and fill corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are highly customisable: Combat commoditisation with secondary packaging. It can be a smart strategy to achieve differentiation. We help you choose the right fluting, thickness and design to make your package perfectly fit for purpose. And with widely customizable printing options, you can make your packages stand out on the shelf – and help to grow sales.

Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly: When making a purchasing decision, 80% of millennials think that sustainable packaging is an important factor and plays a key role in the overall brand experience. 

Corrugated packaging by Stora Enso is produced from a renewable resource, and is completely biodegradable and recyclable. It helps cut back on post-consumer waste and makes a viable alternative to plastic packaging.

What you can make with corrugated board for beverages

From standard to stand-out, here are some of the products we offer in beverage packaging:

  • Standard cases and slotted containers
  • Tray packs
  • Retail-ready packaging
  • Wraparounds
  • Bag-in-boxes
  • Wine carriers, bottle carriers
  • Bulk liquid containers
  • Box partitions and inserts 

Corrugated packaging

It's never just a box

It’s just a box right? We beg to differ. Let us show you what the right packaging solution can do for your business.

Key benefits of our corrugated packaging

Benefits of corrugated packaging material for beverages

  • 1

    Corrugated boxes provide protect protection

  • 2

    Corrugated boxes are cost effective

  • 3

    Corrugated boxes are highly customisable

  • 4

    Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly

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