Glitter Spot-UV varnish: add some sparkle to your life!

All that glitters may not be gold but it sure catches the eye. The Lumi Calendar picture for November features a gorgeous Glitter Spot-UV varnish designed to catch the attention of even the most demanding reader.

The iridescent Glitter Spot-UV varnish lends a dynamic, sparkling touch wherever you most need it. The high-gloss varnish contains small coloured particles that catch the light and add pop, sparkle and elegance to any printed piece. The festive effect works especially well with greeting cards or advent calendars but can be applied on virtually any printed materials.

A sparkly finish works best with a smooth, subtle background. Lumi’s naturally white hue is achieved through a mixture of ingredients such as white marble and white eucalyptus pulp. Thanks to its industry-leading clarity, special effects and varnishes applied to premium Lumi paper stand out like no other.

So go ahead – add a touch of sparkle to your life!

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