Interview with Heli Ristola, VP of WFC papers

Oulu will produce Lumi WFC papers at least until September 2020

On 18 March Stora Enso announced that it will start co-determination negotiations with employees at Oulu Mill in Finland regarding a plan to convert the paper mill into packaging board production and the closure of paper machine 6 and a sheeting plant. The decision on the potential conversion will be made by the Stora Enso Board of Directors during the first half of 2019 after the co-determination process has been completed.

Heli Ristola, Vice President for WFC Papers, what will this news mean to the customers of the woodfree coated papers?

With the recent news, we are one step closer to the conversion but there is no decision made yet. We plan to continue producing woodfree coated papers at Oulu Mill until end of September 2020 with all existing service capabilities. Deliveries will naturally continue longer. Customers can count on us and we want to continue to serve our customers well.

What will happen now at Oulu Mill?

Regardless of the co-determination negotiations that are starting soon for at least 6 weeks, Oulu Mill is committed to continue producing the high-quality products for the customers near and far. Our entire team is available for existing and new customers to discuss business possibilities.

Stora Enso Board of Directors will make decision on the potential investment by end of June 2019, and while that may mark the start of the conversion project, the mill would still be producing paper until September 2020.

Continue producing until end of September 2020 is indeed quite far ahead. Heli, what would you like to say to our customers?

Big thanks for your trust and loyalty until now – we want to be worth it also going forward. Lumi brand, product quality, stability of our operations and delivery service are all important cornerstones in our journey together.