Embossing and Iriodin Pearl Lustre Make Details Shine

The June monthly calendar is printed with multi-layer embossing for a unique, tactile experience that printing on premium Lumi paper brings. The picture features a stunning coating of Iriodin pearl lustre.

Embossing adds an extra dimension of fine detail to make your final print stand out from the crowd. Lumi paper is known for its signature strength and endurance combined with a silky touch and feel. The paper’s superior crackling tensile strength ensures that embossed images come out sharp with no cracking or scoring problems. Lumi’s outstanding stress-tolerance among industry rivals has been proven in various benchmark tests.

The Iriodin pearl lustre coating gives the paper an iridescent, pearl-like finish. The pigment consists of thin sheets of mica, a natural mineral found widely in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary regimes. It has outstanding visual and technical properties and is used extensively in the automotive industry, for example. So, your car’s paint job might have the same coating as the June Lumi Calendar picture – pretty cool!

The coating further highlights the natural whiteness of Lumi paper. Lumi is manufactured through a combination of naturally white ingredients, including white marble and white eucalyptus pulp. The blend ensures the visually pleasing, natural white colour of the paper with the use of less chemical agents (OBAs).