Fast Deliveries and First-Class Service

An hour’s drive from Cambridge, in the middle of the English countryside, stands the UK’s only mill-group-owned sheeting plant. With its two sheeters and over 60 years of experience, LumiPaper Ltd provides customers in the UK and Ireland with quick deliveries made to order.

Mario di Lieto, managing director for LumiPaper Ltd, explains how the facility navigates a changing market by focusing on their biggest strength: first-class service.

Mario, could you shortly describe your facilities and the services you provide?

LumiPaper Ltd is a market-based conversion and service unit supplying LumiArt and LumiSilk paper in sheets to the UK and Irish Markets. The company is housed in a 13,000 sqm purpose-built facility, in mid Suffolk, one of the UK’s most rural counties.

We provide standard and bespoke pallets of paper for the very dynamic UK market. We sell to merchants and direct trade customers.

What sets LumiPaper Ltd apart from its competitors?

Our service. LumiPaper Ltd probably has the largest stock of woodfree cutter reels in the UK. Aside from our ability to cut large quantities of special sizes, LumiPaper Ltd is also able to offer this service in a quick (Day after Tomorrow) Fast Track service.

What are the biggest challenges your customers currently face?

Like many companies, our customers are under immense pressure to keep costs down. That’s where we come in. We help them reduce waste and cut down their costs by providing a bespoke service. This means that our customers can place their order in the exact size needed for the job.

Also, thanks to our fast service, customers can reduce downtime on their machines knowing that LumiPaper Ltd can provide large quantities at a short notice.

Can you name some of the biggest recent developments in the UK market?

As in many other markets, online printing has grown tremendously in recent years. The ability to place an order for print over the internet, provide artwork and receive the finished job within 24 hours has helped change the market dynamics.

Which technological developments are customers most interested in right now?

The ever-improving efficiency of digital presses, regardless of the engine type is allowing the industry to accommodate shorter runs without compromising on quality or cost. Furthermore, customers are increasingly interested in differentiating their final product through finishing effects such as holograms, laminations and embossing.

Lumipaper Ltd, Mendlesham

LumiPaper Ltd, Mendlesham, UK