Lumi's print effectiveness

There’s always more to the eye with a large, smooth and bright spot varnish. It captures the reader’s attention, drawing them in to your image or topic, in a powerful way. See how the exceptionally smooth surface of LumiSilk takes to spot varnishing.

Lumi creates an unparalleled reader experience. From the vivid colours at first sight to the extraordinary textures and smooth folds. For print to be effective it must have a lasting impression or instant connection with the intended viewer. Spot varnish is one such feature that has that pure stopping power. Brilliant colours, smooth textures upon Lumi’s superior surface give your image maximum stand out impact.

With LumiArt paper you have the flexibility of choosing the colours, effects and textures that will create the precise standout impression you desire. One that you know will captivate the reader entirely, to get your brand, art, illustration or publication noticed. This allows you to see your ideas beyond imagination in print forever. 

Beautiful ice formations reflecting the purity of Lumi paper