Lumi Sample Book effects

The perfect finish ensures that your final print is one to remember. From glossy laminations to striking, embossed details – the range is near limitless. But how do premium printers achieve these head-turning effects?

In a series of behind-the-scenes videos, Finnish printing house Prem reveals the secrets behind some of their most eye-catching work for the Lumi Sample Book. In last month’s Lumi newsletter, we featured the stunning silver hot foil.

This week, in the third part of the series, we delve into the structural world of 3D embossing.

Peek behind the curtain of premium printing...

Prem reveals: details come alive with 3D embossing

3D Emboss

A special type of embossing, 3D embossing allows the printer to create sculpted and gradated elements with different levels and shapes. By using brass and counterforce tools, the process creates a tactile, three-dimensional finish that is sure to catch the reader’s attention.