Lumi Sample Book

5 Sample Book Features Not to Miss

A quality sample book is very important when promoting paper. Not only does it function as a sales catalogue presenting all the qualities and grammages of a paper grade, it also showcases different post-production techniques.

The hundred-page-long Lumi Sample Book is filled with flawless finishes and eye-catching special effects. To help readers get the most out of this multi-sensory experience, we’ve highlighted a few of the new Sample Book’s most interesting features and attributes.

Images in the Sample Book are printed using both offset and digitally methods. The spreads vary from four to five-colour printing, varnished to unvarnished and glossy to matt. The Sample Book also showcases certain special effects, like hot foil stamping, embossing and special varnishing.

  • To emphasize specific elements and add extra impact to your design, check out pages 38 and 39, where we feature a low structure spot-UV varnish. The effect makes details come alive with a near-holographic finish.
  • Page 55 features a die cut effect giving a sneak peek at the stunning gold hot foil finish on the next spread. With the hot foil effect, you can impress readers with a luxurious touch of gold right where you want it.
  • One of the most interesting – and underutilized! – features can be seen on pages 62 and 63. Under normal lighting the spread appears almost completely blank. Take a closer look in the dark, however, and prepare to be surprised!
  • To help readers compare between paper types, the Sample Book includes a wide variety of different special effects and finishes on both lighter and heavier grammages. Take a second to examine pages 71 and 75, for example: hold them up to a light and see the change in opacity between two grammages.
  • The final spread on pages 94 and 95 features a real showstopper: a full spread blast of shiny, iridescent colour. Shine a light on it, tilt the spread from side to side and see the vibrant colours dance.

The ultimate sensory brand experience

From deep, dark imagery to glossy, multi-coloured hues – from smooth surface to 3D textures and gritty sand-like finishes, LumiArt & LumiSilk provide the perfect canvas to make your print come to life.

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