Martin Tewes on Inapas Merger and the Benefits of Lumi

In countering a declining paper market, Inapa Deutschland relies on two things: new products and better data.

We caught up with Martin Tewes, Papier Union GmbH’s Managing Director, where we talk mergers, strategies and the unique features of Lumi papers.

Martin, your company recently underwent an organizational restructuring in which Papyrus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG and Papier Union GmbH became Inapa Deutschland GmbH. Would you like to say something about this merger and what it brings to Inapa Deutschland?

Firstly, we are very proud of all of the incredibly hard work both companies have put into this merger – especially as the corona crisis has complicated things on both ends.

We are countering the trend that the paper markets relevant to us are declining with two strategic approaches: On the one hand, we will significantly expand our product range in the coming years. This is where we want to develop new products and business areas – together with our customers. On the other hand, we are already working very intensely on the optimal use of our data in order to develop new and even better services for our customers in the coming years, for example with the help of predictive analytics or data-based consumption forecasts.”

What role does Lumi play in your product portfolio? Which segments are most interested in Lumi papers?

“With LumiSilk and LumiArt, Papyrus Deutschland and Papier Union had an extensive selection of woodfree coated papers. Lumi has had the highest sales volume which we’ve been able to support with sales in the web business. As Inapa Deutschland, we will continue this as long as the products are available.

We very much regret that the product will not be produced for much longer.”

Which unique selling points differentiate Lumi from its competitors?

“LumiSilk and LumiArt are trouble-free printing papers. It is very important for our sales department to sell products that are easily processed and run reliably on all printing machines.

What makes Lumi papers unique is their natural whiteness – the papers are white, but not too white. Furthermore, Lumi’s superior crackling tensile strength makes for enormous cost advantages in further processing. Lumi papers score above average in all comparative tests.”

From your point of view, which applications does Lumi excel in, and to whom would you recommend the papers?

“I would like to make almost no restrictions here. Lumi can be used both for high-quality illustrated books and annual reports in large print runs. Especially for books with both text and pictures, the pleasant natural whiteness, is excellent. For our customers, Lumi is THE paper for daily use.”