Lumi’s vibrant spot colour qualities

Industry benchmarks reveal the exceptional colour quality achieved with LumiSilk paper.

High gloss contrast ensures that pictures stay vibrant and glossy without sacrificing the paper’s namesake feature – its smooth touch and feel. LumiSilk’s tough, long-fibre structure also means that images are less prone to scoring and folding problems, making the paper a reliable pagination choice.

It takes more than glossy, vibrant images to create stunning visuals – you also need a smooth background. LumiSilk is manufactured through a combination of naturally white ingredients, including white marble and white eucalyptus pulp. The blend ensures the visually pleasing, natural white colour of the paper with the use of less chemical agents (OBAs).

On top of vibrant images and pleasing backdrops, industry analysis shows that LumiSilk is also the highest performing paper variant on printed smoothness. Pictures on LumiSilk come out detailed and polished, with the paper retaining its silky touch and feel through the printing process.