Hot off the presses: What sets the new Lumi Sample Book apart?

The hot-off-the-presses Lumi Sample Book is now making its way through the world. The hundred-pager is filled with flawless finishes and eye-catching special effects chosen to inspire customers and showcase Lumi at its best.

We chatted with Heli Ristola, VP of Stora Enso’s woodfree coated papers and Gabriele Merlo, CEO at Merlo Carta, Italy. Check out their thoughts on the new Lumi Sample Book.

When promoting paper, the importance of a sample book cannot be ignored. Not only does it function as a sales catalogue, showcasing cutting edge post-production techniques can inspire customers to take their print to the next level.

Heli Ristola shares her thoughts on what makes the new Lumi Sample Book stand out from the rest:

Heli, why are sample books so important for sales?

A sample book is an elegant way of showcasing the paper portfolio including all basis weights and giving a concrete feel for the product. But above all, a quality sample book creates a wow effect. It shows just how far a great combination of high-quality printing and the best woodfree coated paper can go.

What sets the Lumi Sample Book apart from the rest?

The Lumi Sample Book not only fulfills all of the criteria above, but it also showcases different printing technologies and printing effects. We hope that this educational feature gives food for thought for printers, agencies, brand owners and merchants alike. As we exit the WFC market at the end of next year, I hope this very last Lumi Sample Book will have a long life as a collector’s item.

Clearly, at Stora Enso, we’re suckers for a good sample book. But what do printers think? Do they share Heli’s enthusiasm for the new Lumi Sample Book?

Let’s end with a few words from Gabriele Merlo

The new Lumi Sample Book, as all of Stora Enso’s previous sample books is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The various offset and embossed printing methods are particularly interesting.

I also really enjoy the digitally printed sections where the book index describes the specific machines and weights used. It’s a clever way of showcasing the subtle differences between different printing methods and grammages.

As a customer I have to say that it is a great realization that will certainly serve our customers and help them appreciate this great product even more.

Thank you, Mr. Merlo, we hope so as well!

  • "The new Lumi Sample Book, as all of Stora Enso’s previous sample books is crafted with meticulous attention to detail." - Heli Ristola


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