ReadyReel Service

Rewind faster with ReadyReel

Digital and photobook printers will benefit from the short lead times of new rewinding and palletising services.

In an always-on world, meeting customer demands for fast, reliable service can prove challenging. Yet, with Stora Enso’s ReadyReel, it’s become easier for digital printers and publishers to meet customer needs quickly.

ReadyReel rewinding and palletising service delivers narrow reels below 600 millimetres – ideal for inkjet, electrophotography, direct mail and envelope converting services. The ready-to-use format can be delivered in a way that makes loading on the press directly possible.

“With safe wedge palette delivery, our customers don’t need heavy materials for delivery,” points out Ivan De Donder, Plant Manager at Stora Enso.

From the Stora Enso facilities in Antwerp, Belgium, ReadyReel can ship to destinations in central and western Europe within days of an order being placed.

“The service is ideal for photobook and digital printing,” says De Donder, noting that the service is available for woodfree coated and uncoated papers. “We can also use this service for refurbishment, cheaply repairing the reels and rewinding very fast so customers don’t have to halt their business due to an internal or logistical error.”

ReadyReel comes with three palletising options: eye to the sea, eye to the sky, and super narrow wheel.