Koppar paperboard – for value or premium cigarette packaging

Bulky yet light, Koppar paperboard offers a broad range of options for your cigarette packaging needs.

Stora Enso’s cigarette boards and papers are trusted materials for hard-pack and soft-pack solutions globally. Koppar by Stora Enso is a paperboard range created specifically for tobacco packaging and the high-speed packaging lines used in the industry.

The Koppar product family covers a wide range of tobacco packaging materials. So, whether your brand is value, premium or somewhere in between, we’ve got the right board to position the brand: 


  • Fully coated FBB board with excellent bulk and stiffness.
  • Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 200/320, 210/335, 220/350, 230/365.

Kopparbright N

  • Fully coated FBB board with high whiteness.
  • Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 195/210, 210/320, 220/335.


  • Fully coated FBB with high whiteness and coated reverse side.
  • Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 180/255, 200/295, 210/310, 220/325, 240/375.

The smoothness of Koppar paperboard is optimised to excel in gravure printing, the world’s most demanding printing technique. It features a high-strength, multilayer structure with CTMP in the middle layer to make the board bulky and light. The two outer fibre layers are made of chemical pulp, which maximizes the strength of the board. Koppar’s unique fibre composition, smooth surface and structural advantages offer you both superior design flexibility and reliable runnability on high-speed packaging lines. This makes it ideal for demanding finishing techniques and printing.

The Koppar family includes both OBA and non-OBA (optical brightening agent) qualities, and boards with coated or uncoated reverse sides.

Why Koppar

  • Runnability at high speed
  • Excellence in gravure printing
  • Product options for premium and value

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Combination of strength, stiffness and light weight along with improved curl resistance help packs keep their shape, time after time

  • 2

    Excellent runnability helps ensure greater productivity, less downtime and reduced waste

  • 3

    High performance in printing, converting and packaging, from the simplest to the most advanced cigarette packaging machinery

  • 4

    Wide range of paperboard qualities for brands spanning value to premium

  • 5

    Recyclable, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End-use areas and applications

  • 1

    Flip-top packaging for cigarettes

  • 2

    Beveled edge packs

  • 3

    Round-corner and other novelty cigarette packaging designs

  • 4

    Inner frames

  • 5